Most often just a glimpse of her triggers a familiar memory


HP 46
Aetherflow 5

Strength 1
Ability 4
Understanding 5
Skill 4
Combat 1
None-Combat 4
Universal 4

Melee 1
Special weapon 6
Thrown weapon 1
Bow 4
Gun 4

Diplomacy 8
Initiative 2
Communication 9

Stealth 9
Search 9
Survival 4
Deception 8
Bluff 5
Sense Motive 5
Craft 8
Presence 9


Mist has always carried a heavy heart after her mother passed away from cancer. Her dad tried his best to be the father that she could look up to but in doing so he made the mistake of lying to himself that no matter what happened even if it was heart shattering he wouldn’t bare it on his face. Witch disconnected her from him because she felt alone even with him next to her. How could she believe the words of a man who couldn’t cry or smile. So she kept to her self for the remainder of her youth until one day she looked up in the sky and felt the warm feeling of the sun kissing her head, just like mother use to do she thought and for a moment she felt like all of her guilt and suffering had past her. But when she opened her eyes the clouds had stopped moving and her tears where suspended in the air. The shock of everything halting in her presence had knocked her down. So there she sat, what felt like hours or even days she closely watched as her tears sat in the air. She waited preying that they would hit the ground but no they denied her. In anger she lashed out reaching out at her tears to knock them away. She was at a loss of words when her hand passed through the tears. she couldn’t even have the satisfactory of wiping her tears away as if her very feeling abandoned her. Days passed and she thought I’ll just starve myself to death to put an end to her sad existence but as soon as she said her final goodbyes she realized she hasn’t eaten anything since and she doesn’t feel hungry or sleeping. It was a fate worse than death she thought. Then she cried out her mothers name and as if nothing had ever happened her at all her tears hit the ground and the clouds parted ways and she couldn’t believe that it was over. But her story doesn’t start there no the women who you will learn of was sought out by the time Patrol organization called Hour Glass. From what they told her is it’s full of people just like her and that they could help keep others from such unfortunate events. people like herself. But what they didn’t tell her that not only do they watch over her planet but all planets and all timelines. Now it’s her job to uncover the reasons or why’s time shifts the way it dose. But the rule of law when it comes to the timeline none may alter only observe. And study.


Coresca: Reign of the Gods Zanadria lovehinata17