Sanguine Death


lvl 2

Str. 2
Understand. 3
Combat. 3
Uni. 3
Abil. 3

Diplo. 5
Intimidate. 5
comm. 6

Assult. 8
Stealth. 8

melee. 3
sp weapon. 5
Throw. 2
Bow. 3

Scavange. 4
Survival. 4
Deception. 6
Weapon. 6
Armor. 5
Vitality. 4
Bluff. 3
Sense Motive. 3
Craft. 5
Presence. 8

Aetherflow. 7

Aetherspark Abilities:

Poisoner- Attacks with coated weapons have a 50% chance to poison an enemy (1d4 damage for 5 rounds) and a chance to apply an additional effect based upon the poison used.

RECIPE: Paralysis Poison- On a successful poison target has a 25% chance to also gain the status “dazed” until it successfully breaks free.

RECIPE: Sleep Poison- On a successful poison there is a 25% chance for a target to fall asleep for 5 rounds. Target gets a save each round to break free.

RECIPE: Necrosis Poison- On a successful poison there is a 5% chance for a target to be inflicted with necrosis. Necrosis effects have varying effects based upon method of administration.

Assassin’s Shroud- You may spend 2 aetherflow points to gain a +5 to stealth checks.

Shadow raven- Spend 2 aetherpoints to summon a shadow raven that will deliver a message to a party member or the assasin’s guild instantly. Not usable in combat.

Dagger sets (+2 sneak atk, +1 dmg for 3 turns (unlimited poison, never were off) )
250 gold
book of ancients
Lusty Argonian Maid

4oz Nightshade (belladona)
2oz pigs hoof


Sanguine Death

Coresca: Reign of the Gods Zanadria scope2