Kithrana, the fabled land of the Ascendency. Even as she crumbles, the magnitude of what this place once was hits you like a truck. Once upon a time the lands were teeming with the ascended and those hopeful to take up their posts but now all that wander her are ghosts and myself. The land itself isn't remarkable nor are her cities, however it is here that records of all of the knowledge of the multiverse is stored.

I was created to keep watch over Kithrana and take care of her libraries and laboratories and I do my best but things aren't easy since the purge. During the purge of Kithrana all of those beholden to the laws of the ascendency were vanquished from the land and scattered about the multiverse. I couldn't tell you where, and I can't leave this place, but they are gone and have been for several thousand years. Apparently they can't come back here either as I have been QUITE ALONE for these several thousand years. I am honestly shocked they haven't figured out a way to send people here to get some of the more important items that were kept here. Ah well.

There are 4 huge cities here on Kithrana: Thiume, Kirsdagh, Anashevha and Kalandilla. Each houses a laboratory and a library apart from Thiume which only has a library. In grand Kalandilla is the forum of the Ascendency, where decisions about the multiverse USED to be made. Sometimes I set up mannequins I found in the basement of one of the laboratories and pretend to be the moderator. One of them disappeared on me one day. It was quite eerie. I ramble now I am sorry I am not used to these recording devices yet.

Anywho, to the north is the Whispering Woods. It is an enchanting enchanted village that used to house candidates for the Ascendency. That all stopped long before the purge around the time the Natives disappeared. To the very southwest are the badlands. The badlands house the colorless spirits. They are the spirits of the ascended who betrayed their native by breaking their oath or doing something they weren't supposed to with their powers.

I would continue on about the place so I am afraid I must sign off for now. I will pick up again some other time when there aren't malformed horses to tend to…


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