The Order of Sylas

based on the journal of Atlas Reginald


The order of Sylas is a circle of theorists and fantatics who take the words of "Tales of the Ancients" as factual and preach about the gods and goddesses among us. They are widespread among all places connected with the Orthas system and generally convene in places where the eccentric are found such at mage's colleges and private residences.

Initiation and Hierarchy

Not much is known about their hierarchy apart from that it exists and that there is a pecking order headed by a Grand Master. People wishing to join the Order of Sylas must undergo rigorous studies for 2 years followed by a trial of some kind overseen by the Grand master. Successful initiates then undergo what I can only assume is some kind of ritualistic acceptance into the fold. Why such a sect requires this kind of pomp is unknown, however Atlas Reginald believes that it has more to do with the Artrumian God of Illuminated Secrets, Sylas and the practices of his followers.

Connections to the God Sylas

In Artrumian literature, it is believed that the god Sylas was a keeper of secrets for the Artrumian pantheon. It was believed that at times, he would share some of these secrets with others to prevent catastrophic and world ending events from occurring, or to right a wrong. While those Sylas shared with were often considered lunatics, those that were able to plead their case properly prevented things like war and invasion. The Order of Sylas seeks to bring forth the Tales of the Ancients as truth in order to prevent what they believe to be the oncoming end of the multiverse.

The Order of Sylas

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