Coresca is one of 4 continents on the planet Rimilia. It has the largest ecological diversity of these 4 with climates ranging from deserts, grasslands, swamplands forest to bleak mountainscapes. Being the central continent, it is the hub for all interplanetary and interdimensional travel. While you can find a large variety of inhabitants, the natives of Coresca are called the Anthrani, which are an amalgamation of a large number of human and earth specimens who were teleported to the area during a great catastrophe and somehow failed to reassemble correctly after dematerialization. 



As of current date Coresca is divided into 7 individual kingdoms, two of which are uninhabited. The lands which are inhabited are Ithlyn, Ninevah, Ulteros, Charan and Nylax. The two uninhabited territories are known as "The Gray" and "The Darkwilds" and have been uninhabited since the great war roughly 2500 years ago. Older maps of Coresca show no signs of changes in her territories despite her various wars. Another remarkable fact about her kingdoms, is that each kingdom has known no other family as it's ruler since time immemorial.


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